Q: What is AIM Rewards?
A: AIM Rewards is the rewards program for AIM Restaurants. AIM Restaurants is the group that owns and operates your favorite local restaurants, including Iron Rail Brewing, The Pennant, and TaCo.

Q: Does it cost anything to be an AIM Rewards member?
A: No, it’s completely free!

Q: How do I earn points as an AIM Rewards member?
A: You receive 5 points for every dollar spent at an AIM Restaurants location. You do not earn points on Comps, Discounts, Tips, and taxes.

Q: How do I see my AIM Rewards point balance? Or see if I’ve earned any rewards?
A: You can install the AIM Rewards mobile app to check your points balance and see your earned rewards. Or you can go to login into your account online and check your balance. Or you can visit any location and ask your server or bartender to check your account balance.

Q: I have an AIM Rewards card, why am I not receiving rewards?
A: You must register your card online or via the mobile app to start earning rewards. Don’t worry, all of the points you have earned using the card will be added to your account.

Q: Do AIM Rewards Points ever expire?
A: No, points never expire.

Q: How do I redeem points for rewards?
A: Once your point balance reaches 500 points, it is automatically converted into a $5 reward that will appear on your account. $5 rewards expire after 30 days from the date they are earned.

Q: How do I redeem rewards at an AIM Restaurants location?
A: Ask your server or bartender to apply your reward to your check

Q: I’ve referred a friend to AIM Rewards. Why don’t I see the $5 referral reward on my account?
A: You will see the reward on your account once your friend registers for an AIM Rewards account using the referral link you provided, AND they have visited any AIM Restaurants location at least once.

Q: I’ve received a $5 registration reward, why can’t I redeem it?
A: You can only redeem the $5 registration reward on a purchase that is equal to or greater than $15 before tax and tip.

Q: What are the participating restaurant locations?
A: The Pennant at 915 S Kansas Ave. Topeka, KS 66603, Iron Rail Brewing at 705 S Kansas Ave. Topeka, KS 66612, and TaCo. at 801 Massachusetts St. Lawrence, KS 66044.

Q: I’ve received a birthday reward; do I have to use it on my birthday?
A: No, you have 30 days to redeem your birthday reward. Happy Birthday!

Q: Do I get points for checking in?
A: No but checking in is an easy way to give your AIM Rewards account information to your server or bartender so you earn rewards on the purchases you make.

Q: I lost my rewards card, what do I do?
A: Go to any AIM Restaurants location and notify your server or bartender that you need a new card.

Q: Do I have to have a rewards card?
A: No, your server or bartender can add your account to your check by using a check-in code on the mobile app, or by using your phone number.